Ryan was leaving for Bangkok on the 29th so I had to decide either to extend my visa or join him in Asia, I still hadn’t got my tax money so that was shit. Pretty skint knowing that there’s $3000 waiting for you somewhere, turns out they had sent it in cheque form to Melbourne. Useless. Flights from Cairns to Sydney were like $300 so we got this instead.


Rental relocation. More people should know about this, free hire/insurance and $500 for petrol just for moving it from city to city. 6 bed, tv/dvd player, fridge, shower etc. Niiice. No iPod lead though, just one ridiculous compilation CD that had been left in it. Leaving Cairns to this song was pretty fun.

Ideally I would have worked at another farm getting $20 an hour for a month or two but using my visa would mean I could never return to work Aus and that’d be stupid.

I decided on Asia.